Sunday, October 30, 2011

Taiwan Aborigines Postcard: Paiwan Tribes, Pingtung

The Spiritual blessings of the Paiwan tribes in Pingtung County.

Taiwan Aborigines Postcard: Thao Tribes, Nantou

The Harvest Festival of the Thao Tribes in Nantou County.

Taiwan Aborigines Postcard: Tsou Tribes, Alishan, Chiayi

The War Ritual of the Tsou tribes in Alishan, Chiayi County.

Taiwan Aborigines Postcard: Sediq, Nantou

The Sediq Tribes are mainly stay in Nantou County of Central Taiwan.
Tatto and Jaw harp are their characteristics.

Taiwan Aborigines Postcard: Amis Tribes in Hualien

The Adult Ceremony of the Amis. Amis Tribes mainly found in Hualien.

Ukraine Postcard: Kyiv Bridges

Russia Postcard : Wedding Train in Moscow

Russia Postcard : Old St. Petersburg (II)

Russia Postcard : Old St. Petersburg

Indonesia Cover: 50 Years of Scouts Movement

Thailand Postcard: Giant Guardians, Bangkok

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Malaysia Postcard: Ipoh, Gopeng Road

Ipoh, Gopeng Road in the Straits Settlements period.