Friday, April 24, 2009

Malaysia Postcard: World Heritage Sites, Thanks KKKhor

Malaysia Postcard: Bako National Park, Thanks Sara

Finland Postcard: Flower, Thanks Maria

USA Postcard: Cheers for you, Thanks Winston

China Postcard: Missent to Singapore

Germany Postcard: Island Harbour, Thanks Sigs

USA Postcard: Shoppers in 1950, Thanks Emily

USA Postcard: Florida from Space, Thanks John

Germany Postcard: ANA, Thanks Andrea

Finland Postcard: Terveiset Ulvilasta, Thanks Lea

Germany Postcard: Leisnig, Thanks Hirshch

Germany Postcard: Berlin, Thanks Eule

Finland Postcard: Turku Abo 100 years ago, Thanks Hanna

Japan postcard: Kyoto, Thanks Yumiko

China Postcard: Mr Deng Xiaoping & Mrs Thatcher Meet in 1984

Iceland Postcard: My 1st postcard from Iceland, Thanks Little Shrimp

Finland Postcard: Finnair- the Official Carrier of Santa Claus Land