Friday, December 11, 2009

Belarus Postcard: Braslav Lake, Thanks Masha

Netherlands Postcard: Dogs, Thanks Anne

Germany Postcard: Bregenz, Thanks Meng

Finland Postcard: Drawing, Thanks Johanna

Austria Postcard: Tokia Hotel, Thanks

Taiwan/ROC FDC: 2009/12/09 Issued Anti-Corruption postage stamps, Taipei Temporary Post Office cds to Pingtung,

Malaysia Postcard: Visit Malaysia ppc, Thanks Kkkhor

Malaysia Postcard: KL Colonial Clock Tower by night, Thanks Jo-Ann

Malaysia Postcard: Genting Highlands Resort, Thanks Kkkhor

China Postcard: Jinmao Tower in Lujiazui, Shanghai, Thanks Annie

Hong Kong, China Postcard: Chek Lup Kok Airport, Thanks Jerry

Portugal Postcard: Typical Lane, Thanks Andy

GB Postcard: Lufthansa B747-400, Thanks Eyris

GB Postcard: Market Cross, Chichester, Thanks Kreb

Germany Postcard: Route Industriekultur of Rhur are, Thanks Kathrin