Monday, March 21, 2011

Taiwan/ROC Postcard: Penghu Island

6. Tianho Temple, built in 1592, dedicated to Matsu.
5. Aquarium
4. Inter-islands Bridge
3. Jibei Beach
2. Barrel Islet
1. Hsitai Castle

Taiwan's Lighthouses

3. Lutao Lighthouse in Orchid Island of East Coast of Taiwan.
2. Erluanpi Lighthouse in southern tip of Taiwan.

1. Kaohsiung Lighthouse.

Friday, March 18, 2011

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Ukraine Postcard

Finland Postcard: Aurora Borealis

Taiwan Postage Label : 2011-3-18 Issued " Peonies" by Yun Shou-Ping, Qing Dynasty

Taiwan/ROC Maxicard : 2011-3-18 Issued Ancient Chinese Painting from National Palace Museum, " Peonies " by Yun Shou-Ping, Qing Dynasty

The Post Directorate of Taiwan (ROC) issued a new set of postage label today.