Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Germany Postcard: What did the Pig say ? Thanks Claudia

Finland Postcard: Lighthouse Bengtskar, Thanks Ritva

Czech Postcard: Brno, Thanks Irena

Finland Postcard: Erkki Tanttu, Thanks Helena

Indonesia Postcard: Thamrin Road in Jakarta, Thanks Juned

Philippines Postcard: Titanic, Thanks Bradpete

Slovenia Postcard: Koper, Thanks Irena

Finland Postcard: Rene Burri, Thanks Mariia

Finland Postcard: Tampere, Thanks Saija

Ukraine Postcard: Dnieper Quay, Thanks Svetlana

Germany Postcard: Schones Kaserslautern, Thanks Christina

Thailand Postcard: Phuket, Thanks Nepa

Netherlands Postcard: Airplane, Thanks Ellie

Taiwan /ROC 2010-7-28 Issued Lighthouse Postage Stamps

FDCs go to Ian, kkkhor, Terence, Viviana, Liu Jet, and Grace.